VIT University, previously called Vellore Engineering College, is a regarded college under Section 3 of the UGC Act. Established in 1984, as Vellore Engineering College, by Mr. G. Viswanathan, the establishment offers 20 undergrad, 34 postgraduate, 4 coordinated and 4 examine projects. VITEEE is the yearly placement test led by VIT to offer admissions to the two grounds of VIT opposite VIT, Vellore and VIT, Chennai. VITEEE 2019 began from fifth April, 2018 and the last opening is the last space of sixteenth April, 2018. In this article we will examine the VITEEE 2019 rank predictor, opening and moving in earlier years, to enable you to measure your VITEEE execution this year. How about we talk somewhat about VITEEE Answer Key first.

VITEEE 2019 Answer Key

VITEEE results are out and can be checked here. VITEEE 2018 advising strategy is out as well. You canread about it here.Answer keys will be given subject-wise opposite Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. It is prevalently realized that an applicant must score somewhere around 90 Marks to verify a seat in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Vellore Campus, in the main classification itself. You can get a similar seat, in first classification, at VIT Chennai if your rank is around 12000. How about we talk about somewhat about these classes.


VITEEE Categories

VIT confirmations pursue four classes – first, second, third and fourth. As you move from a lower numbered class to a higher numbered one, your odds of getting a decent division improve. The discover being that your confirmation expense goes up by 1 lac INR for a class bounce. Thus, if your rank is 12000 you can either arrive a CSE situate at VIT Chennai through first class or land the CSE office at VIT Vellore, obviously paying a higher expenses. In this article we will constrain to class 1 VITEEE cut off.


VITEEE Cut Off – first Category

It is normal that if a hopeful’s score lies between 70 and 80 marks, they’d get a call for first round of VITEEE guiding. The table underneath shows how your rank runs with your VITEEE score.


Scope of VITEEE Score Expected Rank

115 — 119 500 - 250

90 — 114 2,500 – 501

80 — 90 5,000 - 2,501

70 — 79 5,001 – 6500

60 — 69 6,501 – 8500

42 — 59 8,501 – 11000

31 — 41 15,001 - 20000

Under 31 20, 000

VITEEE Opening and Closing Ranks 2018

How about we go over opening and moving in of both the VIT grounds.

VIT, Vellore Opening and Closing Ranks

Department Opening Rank Closing Rank

Software engineering and Engineering 7000 15000

Data technology 12000 17000

Software engineering and Engg. (Specialization in Bioinformatics) 13500 7500

Bio Medical Engineering 45000 13000

Biotechnology 20000 13500

Structural Engineering 35000 14300

Gadgets and Communication Engineering 14500 15500

Electrical and Electronics Engineering 15500 16000

Gadgets and Instrumentation Engineering 18500 16500

Mechanical Engineering 19500 19000

Mechanical (Spec. in Automotive Engineering) 12300 20000

Mechanical (Spec. in Energy Engineering) 20000 25000

Creation and Industrial Engg. 50000 27500

Compound Engineering 19500 –

ECE (Spec.Internet of Things and Sensor) 14800 –

Comp.Science Engg.( Information Security) 7500 –

VITEEE, Chennai Campus Opening and Closing Ranks

Department Opening Rank Closing Rank

Structural Engineering 40000 29000

Software engineering and Engineering 14000 33000

Gadgets and Communication Engineering 25000 39000

Electrical and Electronics Engineering 28000 39000

Mechanical Engineering 32000 39500

Design Technology 55000 –

Gadgets and Computer Engineering 42000 –

Expectation this article gives you a reasonable thought of your odds of getting a seat in one of the grounds of Vellore Institute of Technology. Look at the table underneath in the event that you meet all requirements for the GVSDP (GV School Development Program) Scholarship.


Legitimacy Category Waiver

Focal and State Board Topper 100% Tuition charge waiver for a long time of B.Tech at VIT


VITEEE 2019 AIR 1-50 75% Tuition charge waiver for a long time of B.Tech at VIT

VITEEE 2019 AIR 51-100 50% Tuition charge waiver for a long time of B.Tech at VIT


VITEEE 2019 AIR 101-1000 25% Tuition charge waiver for a long time of B.Tech at VIT

We’re certain you had an incredible test season hitherto. Toppr wants you to enjoy all that life has to offer for the rest of it.


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